My book, The Great Carb Cutback, details my experiences with low carb, advises on how you, too, can live low carb, and explains, using scientific studies, why this lifestyle is good for just about everyone.

This blog is where we can all get together to share our low carb experiences, ask each other for advice and share any other information we have found which may be relevant. I look forward to seeing it grow, with my direction, perhaps, but more from the input from you.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Welcome to The Great Carb Cutback

Boy, a brand new blog! It's kinda like a blank sheet of drawing paper -- it could become anything, and I have the power to decide what it will be. It's actually a bit scary -- where do I draw the first line, what colours do I use?

Well, it helps that I know what I want this blog to be: An extension to the valuable information available in The Great Carb Cutback; a forum where I can post ongoing experiences and discoveries -- maybe new recipes, new studies, just new thoughts -- and where you can do the same, or tell me what you think about what I've said. Go ahead, I'm tough, I can take it . . . I think :)

So this is a start; as we get more people visiting here regularly, hopefully we can have a fruitful and rewarding exchange of ideas about the low carb lifestyle. Let me, and everyone else know what you think!

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